Ineffective Theory

Links for June 2022

Hanson on selection biases for arguments. A closely related principle: hearing a well-thought-out, but ultimately unconvincing, argument for X can often give you more confidence in not-X.

Trying to get a robot to correctly interpret your request. I’m far from the first to note this, but Asimov’s concept of “robopsychology” is suddenly incredibly relevant.

Zhao Yanjing on housing in China. It hits some familiar notes: it seems that the same lessons are being learned in many countries. The piece also hits some exceedingly unfamiliar notes (which may be unfamiliar for a good reason). Also, there’s this lovely quote:

There is a danger that external shocks such as the epidemic or deteriorating international relations will be used to explain the recent economic downturn.

Read wikipedia privately using fully homomorphic encryption. The link is a site demonstrating the ability of FHE to prevent a malicious server to know what information it sent you.