Ineffective Theory

Links for June 2021

Certain big decisions are linked to questions of identity — in this case political identity. Fear is not the only mind-killer.

Lessons from Fast Grants.

On the growth of modern liberalism and the administrative state: “Because administrative agencies guaranteed a central policymaking role for credentialed urban professionals, liberals could support farmers and industrial workers against big business while no longer fearing the rising power of their coalition partners.” I link this without endorsement, since one should be massively skeptical of all such facile narratives.

Tanner Greer discusses the influence of political fashions on historical writing.

In which new housing construction is blocked on the grounds that it might (in general, not a specific tower) disproportionately impact minority residents. Well, I agree that it would disproportionately impact minorities! Related.

Playing chess increases calorie consumption only very slightly.

Report on UFOs, linked for completeness only.