Ineffective Theory

Links for November 2021

Bidirectional unicode features can be used (e.g. in rust) to produce code that apparently says one thing, but compiles to another.

More from Hannania. I think the way to read him is to ignore all of the conclusions. He does seem to have some talent for picking out interesting, important, and underrated facts.

Claims about politics and technology. From the abstract:

How has mobile internet affected political polarization in the United States? Using Gallup Daily Poll data covering 1,765,114 individuals in 31,499 ZIP codes between 2008 and 2017, I show that, after gaining access to 3G internet, Democratic voters became more liberal in their political views and increased their support for Democratic congressional candidates and policy priorities, while Republican voters shifted in the opposite direction. This increase in polarization largely did not take place among social media users. Instead, following the arrival of 3G, active internet and social media users from both parties became more pro-Democratic, whereas less-active users became more pro-Republican.

Urbanicity and mental health — the correlation goes in the expected direction.