Ineffective Theory

Links for October 2021

Vitalik Buterin discusses finance, the political theory behind cryptoeconomics, and collusion.

Advice on chess improvement. I would interpret this post as a list of things to try.

Orwell on nationalism. See also Paul Graham and Bryan Caplan, but Orwell’s article is descriptive more than normative, and has correspondingly more meat. Some striking claims are included, for instance:

After the fall of France, the French pacifists, faced by a real choice which their English colleagues have not had to make, mostly went over to the Nazis[…]

There’s something rather astonishing about Orwell’s writing, maybe more noticeable in this text than in any other. There is no hint of the Straussian; no indication that there was any group he feared to displease.

Lectures on geometric complexity theory.

This video is deeply offensive — perhaps moreso with context: